Mar - May 2019

Breathe. is a wearable to monitor diaphragmatic breathing built with a smart athletic undershirt paired with an Android app to provide real-time feedback.

My role
UX Design, UX Research, Front End
Team members
Evie Zhang, Gero Bergk, Will Buchanan

Diaphragmatic breathing (aka ‘belly breathing’) has a wide variety of benefits, but it is difficult to learn to use this technique on a daily basis.

People needs a simple way to release their daily stress like doing the breathing exercise. However, there is currently no product on the market that teaches a user how to breathe using their full lung capacity using both belly & chest.

Chest breath v.s. Belly breath (source)
"I don't know if I'm doing it right!"
How might we encourage people who are experiencing stress to breathe effectively and to learn to monitor the quality of their breath?
Design process
Final design
I work on...
💻 Craft the integration of third-party apps with the Teams
By understanding different partners’ needs and business goals, I design app flows that show the best practices utilizing current Teams Platform capacities and components, such as Messaging Extensions, Meeting Extensions, Adaptive Cards, Personal Apps, Bots, etc. I’m mainly in charge of the app integration within EDU, Healthcare, and SMB areas.

🔍 Provide design guidance to Teams partners
I help some of the partners to align the design of their apps with Teams design standards, which could largely reduce potential app development time, ensure accessibility and increase the likelihood their apps pass Teams store validation.

🥳 Engaged in FHL Hackathon 2021
I participated in the yearly internal hackathon event with the entire Platform team. I worked closely with designers, product managers, and developers during an intense design sprint week to brainstorm, prototype, and test new ideas that would be the team’s main focus in the next year.
Due to confidentiality, please reach out to me at 📬 if you would like to know more about featured projects that I have worked on at Teams!
The detailed design process is coming on its way! Stay tuned🙌🏼